Outline for the Online Marriage Prep Guide

  • Find free immediate access to my marriage preparation guide below – that is, scroll down a little on this page where you will see “Below Are the Exercises” in the gray box.  That’s the course. Each hyperlink goes to another page/exercise in the course.


  • You don’t have to do everything in the guide. A wide range of couples with various needs use this guide and so I have tried to include something for everyone. There is a Print Friendly button at the bottom right side for any posts/exercises you need to print out. You can use your browsers Back Button and/or bookmark this page whenever you need to come back to this outline page.


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for the Online Marriage Preparation Guide
Consider leaving a reply to individual topic posts as part of your marriage preparation, to further verify your use of the course (for TN couples who want to receive the completion certificate), and for other couples who may find value in your comments. And spend some time reading what other have to say. You might find it the most valuable part of the course.

Two-Fun Learning Activities

  • Talk to me like this – free personality test to find out how to love & communicate to a person’s of your partner’s personality

Discover More About Each Other

Learn From Others

Digging Deeper

  • Asking and listening – assertively asking for what you want and active listening to the needs and wants of your partner
  • I feel loved when – tell your partner what makes you feel loved so they don’t have to guess anymore
  • I love you because – answer questions like, “I am marrying you because” and “My favorite memory of us right now is.”

Special Areas of Interest

  • Spiritual resources for marriage – set goals for your marriage by reading together  bible passages with practical wisdom for all areas of marriage and family


Love and Marriage in the 1950’s – have fun watching marriage preparation 1950’s style! Mr. Hall advises young Larry and Sue that there’s more to a successful marriage than the boing!

Christian Marriage Videos – a growing list of videos with practical advice for marriage from a faith perspective.

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I truly hope you find my course fun and beneficial. Should you need an officiant for your middle Tennessee wedding, let me know. You can find more information about me at www.tennesseeminister.com


Disclaimer: This is where the obvious is stated & some other things I want to make sure you know. The marriage preparation guide at www.marriagepreparationonline.com is not designed to serve as a predictor of your marital success. If you use the guide, it is not a guarantee that your marriage will be successful. I am not a licensed therapist and don’t present myself as such. If you have great difficulty working through the guide on your own, it’s a good sign that you should seek out professional help. Go to a therapist or see a local minister. The material in this guide is based on my work with couples over the years as a nondenominational minister, as well as my Masters & Doctoral level course work in counseling. With this guide, like most things, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.