Couples Comments

Here are some more comments from couples who’ve used my marriage prep guide:

Whoa now!  Let’s keep the FTC happy. These comments don’t mean you’ll get the same benefits. This is just what other users have said and are offered for illustrative purposes.

Tim and I sometimes have a hard time getting things out on the table. We don’t necessarily ignore our problem, but sometimes we underestimate the root of our arguments. I think this course gave us an outlet to talk about the things we need to work on instead of trying to talk about things during an argument. We were able to talk about our family issues in a way that did not cause hostility or defensiveness thanks to the tips on how to eliminate negative words and use positive words.

We have both come from unsuccessful marriages, but we have learned what we need to do to make our marriage successful. This guide has given us a lot of chances to talk through many of our past challenges and how we would face them in our own marriage…We enjoyed the activities in this guide that made us bond more and dig deeper. We were disappointed when it was done. We wanted more! -Kevin and Kristine

This course was a wonderful way to introduce details of marriage that Austin and I have never talked about before. I learned that we are both respectful of each other and want only the best for one another. This course reinforced the fact that our relationship is built on a foundation of friendship and mutual respect. We are comfortable talking to each other about difficult topics, including finances, starting a family and conflict resolution. Both of us are on the same page about taking our relationship and married life seriously, but making sure to keep things fun and light at the same time. -Karen

I learned what Angel sees in me; a perspective of myself that I rarely see. It was insightful that the “image” she sees is more than I thought. Like watching oneself on video; most times you cannot believe that is the image you project. But the image angel sees, gets, is more than I could ever hope for. I would want nothing less to give her. -John

All so very unique and interesting and HELPFUL! -David and Jennifer

Michael and I have been together for 7 years, but we don’t every really talk about our relationship; including what’s great about “us” and also what we could work on. We both agree that we weren’t really looking forward to completing the course, but it really got us talking , really talking. We were able to say what bothers us and what each of us needs to work on without getting angry, frustrated or defensive. We really did laugh throughout the process and had a good time. We feel that we are walking away from the course with a better understanding of our relationship. -unknown

Personally, I thought this course was very thorough and the activities were really quite fun. When we sat down originally and started the course, we had a little trouble getting going – but after about 15 minutes, we were having such a good time that the hours started flying by. –Bobby


We believe this course should be a pre-requisite in getting a marriage license. We both learned these things the hard way, after experiencing a divorce.”  -Jeffrey & Kelley


Loved the course, it brought up a few topics we had not thought of, such as blending parenting styles and how to parent different teens in the same household and still be consistent and respectful.  And it helped us come up with a plan to divide householed bills and money so we each feel it is fair. -Kelly