Author Information

Who am I?

Ralph & Mary Griggs (Cozumel 2020)

A life-long nondenominational Christian minister. My wife and I have  four grown children & three grandchildren.

Why am I offering a marriage education guide along with other resources on this site?

It’s as simple as this: having seen divorce in church families and even my extended family along with the misery that family disintegration causes has given me a passion to help couples get a good start on their marriage.

Why do I have anything to offer to couples in marriage preparation?

In addition to years of ministry experience in working with families, I have done graduate level work in marriage and counseling.

But that’s nothing compared to the hundreds of couples who have sat at my kitchen table as we have talked about their marriage. You see, in addition to my regular ministry, I have helped thousands of couples with their weddings. That has provided an opportunity for me to help them at the same time with their marriages.

I have put this marriage preparation guide together to help couples get a better beginning to their marriage than they might have  otherwise. I know that it won’t change the world, but if  it can make a difference for even some, then I will believe my time was well spent.